The group was founded the Christmas of 2014, Of course it took a long while for the group to actually make it's legendary debut on the video game.

Ab Gang was a legendary pirate faction, shut down due to their leader, Veltexus, a former pirate king, was banned from Roblox. Though their reign of the seas lasted for only a couple of years, Abdomen achieved several feats, in fact, almost every time the Ab Gang members were in a server, there were no Verdantine members to face them. Perhaps if Veltexus didn't get banned from Roblox, Ab Gang would still be running, perhaps not.


Ab Gang was a very organized pirate crew. Many different discussions on how to stop Ab Gang from ruining trades were created. The central idea was to create a more organized navy to defeat Ab Gang, It was a good idea, but the plan didn't work. Ab Gang didn't just achieve organization, but fear among the other factions.

Ab Gang was among the first to get the Prometheus Steamship when it first arrived in the Steam Update. Creating the ship in under twelve hours.

In 2015, the 19th of November a simple Reddit post stating that Ab Gang had taken control of Central Tradelands and called it "Abganistan" the Reddit post also stated that Ab Gang had the naval power to take on Inyola, which seemed very impossible at the time, yet it was still believable.

Fleet Ships

Here are some of their ships that they used in battle.

The Trouser Snake - Veltexus's Serpent, regarded as the Flagship of the Ab Gang Armada.

Trouser Snake

The Cleveland Steamer - The very first Ironwood Prometheus in the game.

Iron Wood Prometheus

The Ab Gang Stiletto - The final piece to the navy built by Veltexus, loaded with silver and cherry wood long guns and Carronades

Ab Gang stilleto

The Fall

Sadly all good things have to come to an end, The Cardio Gainers quit after Veltexus, their fearless leader was banned. Now it is hard to find an actual active roblox player that was apart of Ab Gang (Maybe if there were one I could ask for more history on Ab Gang, rather than what I remember and what I read on the Sub-Reddit.)

The group quickly was emptied, now some of the remaining Ab Gang members are in different pirate crews.

By the fall Ab Gang had become a legend, among the top five crews in Tradelands, a long lasting one at that. Ab Gang is one of those crews that Entomologists tell noobs to give them Roblox Nightmares. Ab Gang wasn't just a legend, at it's peak, it was the most dangerous pirate group in Tradelands, Servers emptied when they entered. Verdantine members ran for their lives, Traders stopped trading, the Reddit reacted, Ab Gang reached a potential that almost no other pirate crew has reached ever.

This page was created in loving memory of Ab Gang, and Veltexas, RIP.


The End?

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