The Angelic Sapphire Pickaxe is different from all other pickaxes, and very rare for a very good reason. This is the only pickaxe that can mine Electrosteel, a very rare material that can only be mined during Electric Storms . Because of the pickaxes ability to mine one of the rarest materials to be added yet, the pickaxe itself is also very rare, adding up the contents' prices of this pickaxe, I can infer that the trade price of this pickaxe is 8,450db - 9,400db

This chart represents the reasoning behind the pickaxes massive price.

  This is also an extrememly rare pickaxe because of its crafting contents, to craft this pickaxe you are required to have 5 Angelwood , and 7 Sapphire , both extrememly rare materials that have specific standards in order to be mined.

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