Angelwood is a type of wood found in Tradelands. It is obtained by chopping trees with a Golden Axe (note: most rare woods can no longer be obtained via a gemstone axe) on the 3 new non-spawnable islands. Angelwood is known for its rarity due to dropping by axes made with the rarest minerals in the game, as well as it's bright, pearly white coloration.

When used to create tools, weapons, ships, and cannons, Angelwood will change the color of the wood to a pearly white color, and will give a crafted item the "Angelic" prefix (This is not applicable to ships). It is also used to craft angelic sapphire pickaxe that can be used to mine electro steel.

  1. During the winter of 2017 you could not mine electrosteel this was due to the fact that electrosteel had been replaced with ice which could be harvested with an electrosteel- angelwood pickaxe.

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