Anvil Interactive

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Anvil Interactive or commonly known as AI, is a new Development Studio made by NearmissTFW solely for Tradelands and the upcoming game, "Tradelands: Battles." The Development group was made around early November and has been giving out quality updates and bug fixes every so often.


  • Creator: NearmissTFW
  • Community Manager: CarolinaWind
  • Cnbr15
  • (That's all I know for now) Etc.

Check out the Reddit!: r/Tradelands

OFFICIAL Tradelands Wikia Discord: Tradelands Official Discord

OFFICIAL Tradelands Discord: Tradelands Community Discord

Join the "Tradelands Wikia Discord" for the most up to date information on Tradelands!!!

Accounts are required to edit on the Wikia now.

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