Type Sloop-of-War
Role Combat
Hull Strength 19000
Max Armament 10 x Size 8 Cannon | 2 x Size 4 Cannon (Stern) | 2 x Size 6 Mortar (Bow) 120x Cannonballs
Max Cargo 10
Speed 6
Metal 240
Timber 920
Doubloons 88k
Level 10
"The Astraeus's massive guns will make any enemy think twice before attacking". -Shipwright

The Astraeus is a level 10 ship with high cargo, incredible armament, the third highest hull strength in the game, and a low speed.

A great use for the Astraeus is as a flagship. Her unholy armament and high health pool mean that with minimal support from allies it can devastate anyone foolish enough to get in its way, though this ship can be countered by ships of greater speed such as the Marauder or Stiletto

Countering the Astraeus is not difficult for experienced pirates, most likely using the Stiletto, Marauder and Phoenix ships. The Astraeus's mediocre turning speed and rear cannons makes it likely to be sternlocked, unless viable support is nearby or if the rear guns remain intact.


Named after the Greek Titan god of dusk and winds. Perhaps not the most appropriate name for a ship of its type.

As well as the Atlas and Prometheus, the Astraeus has a captain's quarters with a large Map inside.

The possessive of Astraeus is Astraeus' not Astraeus's, so that means there is a typo in the Shipwright.

Often referred to by players as an "Astra".

The back of the ship.


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