The axe is a tool which is used to gather different kinds of timber from trees. Players can later decide if they would like to build a different axe for more durability or a better chance at rarer woods.
Axe Type Durability Chance of Rares
Stone Axe Infinite None
Iron Axe 1/6 Chance Low
Copper Axe 1/5 Chance Low
Silver Axe 1/4 Chance Below Average
Gold Axe 1/3 Chance High
Steel Axe 1/9 Chance Average
Gemstone Axe 1/4 Chance Below Average to Average
Electrosteel Axe 1/7 Chance Below Average?


  • When a new player joins the game, they are given a few default tools. One of them is the stone axe.
  • A player can buy a new Stone Axe from the General Merchant for free.
  • The Axe can be used as a weapon, but deals little damage.
  • Applying any wood on axes are only for appearance purposes. They do not effect the performance of the axe.
  • Using Electrosteel on axes are not recommended because there are other axes that will produce more resources than it.
  • The Stone Axe can only get you Oak, which makes it ideal for farming.
  • You can buy stone axes and stone pickaxes for 0dbs from a general merchant


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