Behemoth ship
Type Heavy Frigate
Role Combat
Hull Strength 180000
Max Armament x20 Total Cannons: (Bow) x2 Size 8, x2 Mortar Size 8, (Portside) x7 Size 8, (Starboard) x7 Size 8, (Stern) x2 Size 8
Max Cargo 0
Speed 10
Metal None
Timber None
Doubloons None
Level Game Owner Only

The Behemoth is a special ship that may only be spawned by Nahr_Nahrstein, the creator of Tradelands. It is larger in size than level ten ships, such as the Astraeus. The ship may hold up to 20 cannons.


  • In the last day of Closed Beta, players were allowed to build the ship.
  • In the Alpha development stage, the Behemoth had 40 cannons as verified by an Anvil Interactive Member.
  • The Behemoth now holds 20 cannons from its usual 40 cannons due to issues with lag when spawned.
  • According to Tradelands lore, this ship is a powerful warship originating from and used by Inyola, along with the Serpent and Pagolin (Which doesn't exist within the actual game... yet).


  • To see this ship in the ship showcase, you must cut down 50 wood to spawn it.

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