Behemoth ship
Type Heavy Frigate
Role Combat
Hull Strength 25000
Max Armament x20 Total Cannons: (Bow) x2 Size 8, x2 Mortar Size 8, (Portside) x7 Size 8, (Starboard) x7 Size 8, (Stern) x2 Size 8
Max Cargo Unknown
Speed 6
Metal None
Timber None
Doubloons None
Level Nahr_Nahrstein (previously NearMissTFW) Exclusive Ship
The Behemoth is a special event ship only spawned by the Creator of Tradelands. It is rumored to be bigger in size of the level ten ships such as the Astraeus. The ship currently holds 20 cannons.


  • In the last day of Closed Beta, players were allowed to build the ship.
  • In the Alpha development stage, the Behemoth had 40 cannons as verified by an Anvil Interactive Member.
  • The Behemoth now holds 20 cannons from its usual 40 cannons due to issues with lag when spawned.


  • To see this ship in the ship showcase, you must cut down 50 wood to spawn it.
Link: Click here to see

Picture provided by Ptd007


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