One of the two entrances into the salt cove.

The Cove is the main port for pirates of the Blackwind Pirates faction.

The Cove consists of a circular rock formation, within it is two islands connected to the rocks. There is a large pier on the larger island, houses are on both sides of it and the jail can also be found there, where pirates who combat log are sent to. Many tall jagged rocks are scattered around the cove penetrating through the ocean like looming titans.

A Dart inside the Cove.

At its port, all cargo sold by pirates have 99% tax applied; foreign merchants have no tax on everything imported.

Trading Ports


A ship sailing just outside the Cove, showing the cliff face.

Due to the area being inhabited by pirates, trading through the cove is rare between other merchant factions, for obvious reasons. Pirates who do trade don't earn many Doubloons elsewhere, but when selling back to the cove, they still have a hard time because of the 99% tax rate.


The cove is surrounded by high pillars of rock, making a natural defense for the cove. The cove also has a few defenses to keep unwanted members from entering or getting near the cove. Two port guns are located at the trading port, and two near the docking ports. Though the cannons don't have a range to protect critical entry points of the cove, they are good to keep traders away from their ports.

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