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The Blackwind Pirates occupy the southern region of the Tradelands. They are known for taking down merchants and their ships for their doubloons and their cargo. They are often seen in the Blackwind Cove as they please. When it comes to ship raiding, pirates will usually attack as a crew. Though often faced with the official navies of Nova Balreska, Hallengard, and Whitecrest, the most experienced pirates and their crews tend to fair well.

The Pirate King

The Pirate King is elected based on their notoriety, respectability, and leadership. The current Pirate King is snpr1234. The Pirate King is also the leader of the Blackwind Pirates in Tradelands. The Pirate Council also provide him with advice on common issues, one being the navies. The Pirate King is also granted an official title of Blackwind Pirate King.

Former Pirate Kings/Queens

  • Veltexus (00/00/1X - 00/00/1X)
  • Valkian (00/00/1X - 07/02/16)
  • Zoulvengence (07/02/16 - 23/02/16)
  • darksnuggles (23/02/16 - 00/00/1X)
  • UnstoppableAnarchy (00/00/16 - 8/6/16)
  • ExtremeFireTroll (8/6/16 - 10/19/16)
  • snpr1234 (10/19/16 - 12/4/16)
  • captainDennyV (12/4/16 - 1/31/2017)
  • Pompf (1/31/2017 -2/20/2017)
  • snpr1234(2/30/2017-Present)

The Pirate Council

The Pirate Council are the advisers to the Pirate King/Queen. They are also made of of the most feared and respectable pirates in Tradelands. Sometimes during battles with navies, the pirate council will help their King and try to win the battle. It's also unknown to how the council members are chosen.

Current Pirate Council

  • TotallyNotHayden* (**Blood Rose Pirates**)
  • AquaWasTaken* (The Green Phantom)
  • ExplosiveARC* (Blood Sail Marauders)

Pirate Crews

Some pirates who are smart, bring a crew with them to attack merchants. In some cases, some crews are more feared and/or more recognized than others. As for most of the older pirates crews, they have adapted skills from constant battles with navies and in turn give well fought battles.

For the full list of pirate crews, click the link here: List of Pirate Crews

Diplomatic Relations

The Blackwind Pirates has no diplomatic relations with anyone. They simply work together in crews.

Pirate Queen: snpr1234

Government: Anarchy

Allies: Pirate Crews

Enemies: Kingdom of Whitecrest, Nova Balreska, and Hallengard

Group Ranks

  • Scallywag
  • Pirate
  • Pirate Council
  • Pirate King/Queen

Other Resources

The official link to the Blackwind Pirates group: Click Here

If you wish to find the other Blackwind groups, they will be added later in the future, preferably it will be updated every month.

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