This is a log for current Tradelands bugs and glitches. Also, I'll post some possible temporary fixes to most of the bugs and glitches.

If you have any other bugs or glitches, post a comment below so I can add it.

For the log of updates made to Tradelands: Click Here

Bugs and Glitches Log

Date Logged Date Fixed Bug or Glitch Description Possible fixes
9/6/15 Ship stopping at Whitecrest's port - Ship stops moving and is stuck.

- Due to Server Lag

Stop the ship by pressing "S" and

wait till you see the boat move side

to side again.

9/6/15 MAJOR ISSUE Ship going half speed - After several minutes of being out at

sea the ship goes half speed. Happens when the owner of the ship drives the ship. (ex: Serpent going with the wind)

(NOT to be confused with wind speed)

- Due to Server Lag

- Fire a cannon ball but once you get back into the driver seat, the ship goes back to half speed.

(Doesn't work all the time.)

-Ship will go back to full speed at random

- Have a crew mate pilot the ship

9/6/15 Ship breaks into parts and fix itself and repeats - Ship is fully functional but

the ship will keep breaking into parts and going back to whole and repeats.

- Due to server lag

- Respawn a ship untill you get one that doesn't break.
9/6/15 Showing no ship picture in the bottom right

- Most of the time no picture of your current ship shows up

- Crew some players and try respawning on your ship.
9/6/15 MAJOR ISSUE Person sink into the sea for no reason - Person just randomly falls into the sea

when swimming.

-Due to server lag.

If you're near land, then try jumping down to the sea in the land, then try to go to the sea and jump down if you are able to float means the bug is fixed if not then good luck.
9/7/15 Invisible person driving ship - Person is unseen to other players while driving a ship but can still see him or herself.

- Due to server lag

- Jump out of seat and the other player should see you.- Someone tries to sit on your seat (doesn't have to be in your crew).
6/01/17 MAJOR ISSUE Person not able to sit on cannon or helm - After sitting once person is not able to sit down again. - This is usually in just the one server. Join a new server and the bug should be gone.


* Fort cannons bring stuck in one place

* Swim sink glitch

* Boat breaking glitch

* Torso breaking from body glitch

* Tools not working when selected

* Pvp breaks when exiting from a crew

* Ship cannons are not showing movement due to lag

* Ship going half speed

* Flying fling glitch

* Ships parts breaking and reforming

* Muskets and flintlocks not firing correctly ( idea: clicks when no ammo)

* Ships health super regents after rejoining server


Fixed Bugs/Glitches

Date Logged Date Fixed Bug or Glitch Description Possible fixes
9/6/15 9/10/15 Black Box aka Black Spawn Block -Sometimes get spawned in a black box

where you skip the starting GUI

of joining a faction.

When resetting to join in the game,

the Anvil GUI spams out.

- Rejoin the game until you get a server wher ethe beginning GUI works.- Reset yourself but you will most likely get a spammy Anvil GUI.
9/6/15 9/10/15 Menu dim glitch - When going into the "Esc" menu and exiting out, the screen will dim black for several seconds and

then goes back to normal.

- Wait it out.- Maximize your screen and then return it back to normal size; it fixes it instantaneously. No joke.

(NO. MINIMIZING THE GAME WON'T HELP. Know the difference.)