Image of the Bullet

Type 2-Mast Schooner
Role Multi-Purpose
Hull Strength 4500
Max Armament 4 x Size 4 Cannon
Max Cargo 4
Speed 9
Metal 40
Timber 200
Doubloons 12500
Level 4

"Need to outrun those pesky pirates? No worries! The Bullet can get the job done with ease."-Shipwright Summary

The Bullet is a level 4 ship and has the fastest listed (downwind) speed in the game. Like its sister the Dart, the Bullet is the fastest ship available for the time being. The speed 9 of this ship, felt by players can be considered false, going no faster than speed 8 of the Dart, and other speed 8 ships.

It is barely used by players, but enemy ships can be intercepted in this ship. However, if the Bullet is against more superior ships, the mediocre armament will do little in big situations. The Marauder is a better alternative, aided with lateen sails and with much better armament.


The Bullet is the fastest listed ship in Tradelands, but having doubts in its reliability. If the wind is against the ship, they can be outrun by ships with junk/lateen rigging or steam engines.

Named after the projectile fired by semi modern firearms to represent it's speed.

Bullets didn't exist within the time period Tradelands is based in. Bullet is a better and more suitable name than the Musket Ball, however.


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