There are many types of cannons in Tradelands. Some of the cannons are used for battle and some more for looks. Sometimes they can appear in monthly crates. Carronades are the strongest types of cannons out there, then we also separate Mortars that require you to master precision and handle them diligently. Below there is a list of available types of cannons.

Cannon Table

Cannons Pictures Variants Statistics
Long Gun
  • 8 - 9 Regular sizes
  • Bacon Hair Long Gun
  • For long range attacks
  • Less damage
  • Turning angles only 90 degrees
  • 8 - 9 Regular sizes
  • 32 lb Corn Carronade
  • Cupid Carronades
  • For close range
  • Does more damage
  • Turning angles only 90 degrees
  • 4 regular sizes
  • 56 lb Red Mortar
  • For long, long ranges
  • High damage
  • Splash damage
  • No aiming target to see where it lands
  • Turning angles only 90 degrees
  • Can't aim down but can aim high
42T Long Gun
  • 42 (Turret) Gun
  • Same damage as 42 LG
  • Encased in a shield to block off attacks
  • Slow turning
  • Hard to see and aim out of
  • Turning angles of 270 degrees
  • Regular
  • Advanced Swivel
  • Swivel w/ Spotlight
  • 1 shot a person
  • Low, low damage
  • Quick turning up, down, left, right
  • Turning angles of 180 degrees

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