In Tradelands, merchants are able to buy and sell cargo from various ports to earn Doubloons. Cargo cost 60 doubloons each to buy. Each of the ports have three unique cargo that they sell. Only Whitecrest and Nova Balreska sell four different types of cargo, having their fourth cargo be a premium cargo than can only be bought with resources. Whitecrest's premium cargo can be bought with Mahogany, and Nova's can be bought with Copper.

Each time a cargo is sold, the player who bought it receives back 60 doubloons commission as long as the cargo was not dropped into the sea.

If cargo is dropped into the sea by mistake, the cargo loses it commission money that it could have earned.

For pirates cargo costs 75 everywhere and they don't get commission.

Cargo Values - Arr Rated Update

Due to the update, the ratio of pirates to merchants will effect the cost of the cargo. The ratio is based on the faction your are currently trading on.

The ratio is from how many players are on your team, to how many pirates there are. The ratio will then be multiplied to your cargo.


  • In Freeport you can trade a specified amount of fish into cargo which can sell for about 280 dbs from Freeport to Whitecrest. The rarer the fish cargo the higher the selling price. Not many players do this trading method due to how long it takes to fish and the reason why fishes are still sold for a considerably high price.
  • The cargo can also be called barrels or crates.
  • Pirates can steal cargo from the decks of Trader ships.
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