Combat Log
Combat Logs
Type Makeshift Raft
Role Multi-Purpose
Hull Strength 12000
Max Armament 2x Size 8 Cannon, 1x Swivel
Max Cargo 4
Speed 7
Metal 50
Timber 720
Doubloons None. Requires Mark of the Nahrluminati
Level 9

"Quite an unusual sail-car."-Shipwright Summary

The Combat Log is a level 9 vanity ship with low cargo and cannons for its level paired with average speed. This is made up for by how incredibly awesome it looks. Cannot be made without a Mark of the Nahrluminati, which is only obtainable by trading with someone who has one. While it is mostly a vanity ship, it can do decently in combat with its two front cannons.This ship was created by community member Kriegan during the log combat ship building contest.


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