Combat Log
Combat Logs
Type Makeshift Raft
Role Multi-Purpose
Hull Strength 12000
Max Armament 2x Size 8 Cannon, 1x Swivel
Max Cargo 4
Speed 7
Metal 50
Timber 720
Doubloons None. Requires Mark of the Nahrluminati
Level 9

"Quite an unusual sail-car."-Shipwright Summary

The Combat Log is a level 9 vanity ship. This is made up for by how cosmetically awesome it looks. It can't be made without a Mark of the Nahrluminati, which is only obtainable by trading with someone who has one. While it is mostly a vanity ship, it serves as mostly a combatant ship. However, its two size 8 cannons, are useful for mostly chasing and skirmishing, as the top gun has a blind spot, aiming from high up. If the bottom gun is disabled, it is easy to bowlock.


This ships name is a playon words taken seriously. Being an actual log with high caliber chaser cannons and fast sails. most effective when knocking of cannons due to the higher and lower placement of the cannon.

looks like a coconut if made with ash or angelwood.


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