Due to worries about the tri-alliance between Hallengard and the Kingdom of Whitecrest, Nova Balreska was worried when Hallengard and Whitecrest renewed their alliance without them when the Empire of Inyola broke their ties to Whitecrest.

In turn of these events, Nova Balreska Chancellor David89091 wrote letters to Burkeland offering of aid of help but was denied due to Burkeland being neutral in Tradelands politics. With the current fate of Nova Balreska on the line, Admiral Marochev of the Purshovia Federation sent a letter and 10 armed ships to protect current Purshovians on Nova Balreska land and to make Nova balreska become a vassalage to Purshovia. Also in the letter was that Nova Balreska was to pay 10,000 Doubloons to each and every Purshovian family affected by Nova Balreska's occupation of their former land Verdantium. Finally in the letter, the leadership of Chancellor David89091, was to be replaced by someone of Purshovian blood line to represent Purshovia and her former people in Nova Balreska.

After thoughtful planning, former Chancellor David89091 thought it was best to go with Purshovia deal than go back into the tri-alliance with Hallengard and Whitecrest. Now Nova Balreska is a vassalage to Purshovia with a new Chancellor and an accepted Grand Sea Lord who is Nova Balreskan.


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