The Crazy Captain is an NPC that was added for the POTC event. He was found in Freeport and is part of the Treasure Hunter Quest.


The Crazy Captain was first introduced in the May 2017 POTC event. He is first mentioned by a Mysterious Sailor, who describes the Captain as being obsessed with a treasure, and a ship called the "Kraken". When seen at Freeport, he makes the player prove his or her worth by giving him 10 oak, 10 iron, 10 round shot and 5 lime juice. Once the player meets his demands, they will be teleported to a world, where they must defeat the Kraken, and claim the treasure at a cave in a nearby island. Once the player has finished the quest, they will receive a hat, special to the event, and access to the Kraken ship at level 10. The crazy captain was made after a former Moderator/Pirate King that spoke like a true pirate. Yarrrgh! I be CaptaindennyV! Arrrgh!