Type Bermuda Sloop
Role Multi-Purpose
Hull Strength 4500
Max Armament 4x Size 3 Cannon
Max Cargo 4
Speed 8
Metal 30
Timber 140
Doubloons 8000
Level 3

 "Designed for speed, the Dart is an excellent choice for captains trying to avoid trouble (or cause it)."-Shipwright Summary

 The Dart is a level 3 ship tied with many other ships for the second fastest in the game after it's bigger sister the Bullet, and at its level is the fastest you'll see. It's speed leaves little room for cargo or armament, however. The Dart is good at everything mostly but it does have downsides There is a blind spot in front of you and in the back another downside you are big it makes you easier to see. And another downside is if someone fires at someone on a cannon and the cannonballs hits them they are dead the cannon has no protection at all. But sure if a pirate is hunting you just run away.


Named after the throwing or blowing projectile, mostly to represent it's speed and slenderness.


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