Type Steamship
Role Multi-Purpose
Hull Strength 8500
Max Armament 2 x Size 4 Cannon

4 x Size 7 Cannon 2 x Size 1 Swivel Gun

Max Cargo 2
Speed 8

Speed with Engine: 6 (Used to be 4)

Metal 60
Timber 330
Doubloons 45000
Level 6

Blessed Engine Parts x2

"The Dragon's steam engine make her able to travel quickly in any direction. Press E to toggle steam engine on and off. Requires coal to use engine."-Shipwright Summary

The Dragon is a level 6 ship and the first steamship beginning captains can build. Her speed, armament, and hull strength make her a great pirate or anti-pirate ship, though lack of cargo forces the crew to carry all the loot home.


Named after the popular, large and scaled mythological creature. Most likely named after the fierce fire breathing European variant over the long, peaceful and praised Chinese variant.

The Dragon is rarely made by players at the level of its unlocking due to them most likely lacking level 10 crafting or enough money to purchase both engines.

Players can often get stuck in its roof when unmounting a cannon underneath it.

The roof of the Dragon is dyed the same color as the sails.


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