FaboGrenouille was the third Freyr of Hallengard from August 2016 until October 2016.

Hallengard History

FaboGrenouille served in the Hallengard Navy under the first Freyr, Fraunsnak, from May 2016 - August 2016. He was known as fabo888 in this time, when he became Aesir. He advanced to Radningar when the second Freyr ConFused19 advanced to power. When Confused resigned, Fabo rose to Freyr in his place.

Hallengard-Pirate War

In early September 2016, ExtremeFireTroll invaded Hallengard and annexed the Navy. FaboGrenouille accepted the annexation which provoked a response from both Nova Balreska and the Kingdom of Whitecrest.

The annex was lifted later that week after ExtremeFireTroll announced Hallengard's freedom.

Hallengard-Nova War

Kagaros demanded revassalization of Hallengard, and FaboGrenouille refused. Kagaros attacked Hallengard and war broke out. Eventually, Nova Balreska won and FaboGrenouille was removed from power. He retired from the navy and his son joined Nova Balreska.


FaboGrenouille's father was an ex-pirate Verdantine Sovereignty trader and his mother was a soldier from Inyola.

FaboGrenouille is now an officer in Nova Balreska.


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