Image of the Falcon.

Type Brigantine
Role Combat
Hull Strength 7000
Max Armament 6 x Size 6 Cannon
Max Cargo 5

Storage for 30 Cannon Balls

Speed 7
Metal 45
Timber 280
Doubloons 16000
Level 5

"The Falcon's balanced armament, cargo, and speed make her a well-rounded ship."-Shipwright Summary

The Falcon is a level 5 ship with great health and good armament, fair cargo, and speed. She can also carry spare cannonballs for sea battles. The earliest ship of choice for newer combatants, having a strong broadside compared to anything below it.

The Shark and Manta are better alternatives to the Falcon, with superior stats in armament in speed. Some less fortunate players can use the Falcon to raid, until they have saved enough for a new ship.


Named after the widely distributed family of birds of prey, appropriate for a combat based ship.

Considered to be the first "real" ship a player can get due to its overall ability to be used for trading,raiding and defending all rolled together.

It sports the exact same broadside as a Marauder.


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