Fenwick is a non-spawn island located northwest of Whitecrest, the same nation it is owned by. Due to it's close proximity to its ruler island, it is often a hotspot for low level merchant shipping.


Fenwick is split into four smaller islands. The main island contains the only dockmaster, along with a cargo dealer. The two smaller islands have little to offer, just a few trees and inaccessible houses. The last island has the old Inyolan Pagoda Fort. It was used by Inyolan merchant ships for refueling during Whitecrest's occupation, however was abandoned after Inyola's defeat at the hands of Purshovia.


Fenwick has only 3 types of cargo.

  • Cheese
  • Quilts
  • Apples


  • Fenwick is primarily used for very low level merchants, as they can trade in relative safety due to being on the open water for less time. However, once players level up more, Freeport and later Nova Balreska become much more viable options.
  • The Inyolan Pagoda Fort has no interior or cannons, and it's often referred to as a "brick" because of this.