Fishing Mechanics

To fish, a player must equip the Fishing Rod, and be in a location near water. A left mouse click will cast the line into the water. During this time there is a single chance for the Sinker to bob underwater. Clicking quickly at this opportunity will reel in the line and either catch the fish if the player managed to catch the fish fast enough, or a message displaying that the player had missed the fish. A player can also reel in before the Sinker bobs down either by accident or to cease fishing altogether. It can take minutes sometimes till a fish is caught.

Miscellaneous Information:

- The distance from the islands determines the tier of fish which can be caught.

- After the player reaches Fishing Level 4, Mackerel , Tarpon and Red drum can be caught further out from the ports. (Open Sea)

- After the player reaches Fishing Level 7 Tuna and Marlin are able to be caught in the deepest waters found near or outside of the Map boundaries. (Open Ocean)

Fish Trade:

Once a player has caught a sufficient amount of one of the eight different fish currently in the game, they can be exchanged for crates of fish at the fishing vendor in Freeport. These crates can be sold at any of the trading posts at any island in a similar way to trading cargo. All fish cargoes will sell the same with two exceptions: Tarpons (which are less valuable) and Tuna (which are more valuable).

Tax Rate Nations

(Including Tax)

Tarpon Ballyhoo - Marlin Tuna
20% Whitecrest 247 282 317
15% Blackwind 250
20% Nova 205 236 264
Hallengard 205 236 264
Fenwick 188

This is only an average price. Actual doubloons gained can differ from this chart depending on the amount of pirates in the game.

While Tarpons appear to be least valuable of all fish, they have the benefit of being the only fish capable of being crafted into Fish oil. This makes them a rare commodity among players seeking to obtain a Lantern.

Fish Exchange:

When a player has enough of a certain type of fish, they may exchange them for cargo crates at the fish vendor in Freeport.


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