A fishing pole is a tool which can be used to catch different fish from the sea. Which can then be put into a crate at Freeport and sold elsewhere.


  • The type of wood or metal on the fishing pole does not affect the type of fish you catch. The type of metal though will determine the durability of the tool.
  • When starting out fishing, the player will catch mostly Mullet, Trout, or Ballyhoo. To get better fish a player must be Level 4 in Fishing Skills and be farther out at sea.
  • Reaching Fishing Level 4 will also allow you to get Tarpon, a fish needed for Lanterns.
  • The durability of fishing rod decreases only when you have successfully caught a fish.
  • Due to game mechanics, the fishing rod loses durability when hit against an object. i.e: a boat.

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