Type Steamship
Role Armed Transport
Hull Strength 10,000
Max Armament 1x Size 6 Mortar, 6x Size 7 Cannon, 2x Size 3 Cannon (Stern), 2x Size 1 Swivel, 1x Small Boat
Max Cargo 12


Speed S:7 E:4
Metal 100, x4 Blessed Steam Engine Part
Timber 530
Doubloons 64,000
Level 8

"The Fox is a new steamship that provides decent speed and heavy armaments. The ship is able to transport a lot of cargo safely."-Shipwright Summary

The Fox is a level 8 steamship with good armament, speed, durability and great cargo capacity. A good trader, and able to defend itself if well crewed and captained.

It also has a small boat along with many other ships. This small boat might receive a usage in another update.

If you look closely this and the Phoenix has the same thumbnail since on the Phoenix it doesn't show the metal hull


Named after the small, well known, orange omnivorous mammal, being swift and also a predator, yet shy in the face of danger, it makes the ship appropriately named.

The Fox is considered to be an upgrade of the Beaver thanks to the addition of a medium mortar and a steam engine whilst keeping the exact base statistics of the Beaver.


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