Here are some FAQs that may help players with Tradelands.

  • Question: How do I play the game?
    • Answer: Use common sense and experiment with controls and if you can't figure something out, ask someone.
  • Question: How do I use a cannon?
    • Answer: You need Round Shots in your inventory to use a cannon. To use a cannon, sit on the seat by the cannon and press the key "F" to fire. To aim the cannon use the keys W, A, S & D.
  • Question: I lost my tools from selling it and now I can't get cargo. What can I do?
    • Answer: You can go ask someone to give you 60 doubloons to let you buy cargo, or join someone else's crew.
  • Question: How do I trade with someone?
    • Answer: /trade [Insert the name of the player you wish to trade with]. Ex: /trade Nahr_Nahrstein
  • Question: How do I invite someone to my crew?
    • Answer: /invite or /inv [Insert name of the player you wishto invite to your crew} Ex: /inv Nahr_Nahrstein
  • Question: How do I grab cargo?
    • Answer: Use the keyboard key "B." Though if the cargo is already on a ship, it belongs to someone else and can't be grabbed.
  • Question: Does sailing speed and engine speed stack?
    • Answer: Nope.
  • Question: What is the fastest way to travel with a regular sailboat?
    • Answer: Check Wind article for recent wind routes.

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