Ghostship Stiletto
Type Rare
Role Depends on the ship
Hull Strength Depends on the ship
Max Armament Depends on the ship
Max Cargo Depends on the ship
Speed Depends on the ship
Metal Depends on the ship
Timber Depends on the ship
Doubloons Depends on the ship
Level None

The Ghostship is a translucent glow ship that players could have redeemed for on May 20th, 2016 And the April of 2018 The ghostship simply becomes translucent and glows at night and during storms. During times when the sun is out however it retains a solid look.

Redeeming Ships

The ship that the player receives depends on how many vouchers the player chose to redeem. The list is provided below .

  • 1 Ghostship Voucher - Starling
  • 2 Ghostship Vouchers - Bullet
  • 3 Ghostship Vouchers - Marauder
  • 4 Ghostship Vouchers - Widgeon
  • 5 Ghostship Vouchers - Serpent or Stiletto
  • 10 Ghostship Vouchers - Astraeus
  • 10 Ghostship Vouchers - Kraken
  • 20 Ghostship Vouchers - Poseidon
  • 20 Ghostship Vouchers - Neptune


  • The ship becomes translucent and glows during the night, and turns back to normal at morning. It will also turn into a ghost ship during a storm.
  • The Ghostship is achievable only through buying the Ghostship Voucher.
  • The ship provides no new perks either through better cannons, or ship speed. the ship may become rare wood, and you may receive rare cannons also.



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