Image of the Goose

Type Fluyt
Role Mercantile
Hull Strength 12000
Max Armament 8 x Size 6 Cannon

1 x Size 4 Cannon (Stern)

Max Cargo 14

Storage for 40 Cannon Balls

Speed 6
Metal 80
Timber 450
Doubloons 34500
Level 7
"The Goose's wide hull allows her to carry an abundance of cargo while still being decently armed."

The Goose is the mercantile variant of the two fluyt ships in the game, the other being the Widgeon. The Goose is a level 7 ship with incredible cargo, fair health and armament, and mediocre speed. It has a turning speed similar to an Atlas or Astraeus, and is easy to sternlock. It boasts the second highest cargo capacity , 14 cargo, behind the Atlas.

An infamous cargo ship with many issues, it is recommended to not travel alone, with experienced crew or an escort if in a server full of experienced pirates.


Named after the plump, long necked waterfowl of the same name.

Goose is a term that specifically applies to the female, a Gander is a male and babies regardless of gender are Goslings.

Many consider this ship to be a waste of materials, even though it is statically the second best merchant ship in the game and a viable combat ship.

It is considered to be too tall for some players, making it hard to get on the ship, or to shoot cannon balls from the tall deck

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