Hahaboomman1234 is the grandfather of 99504man, as well as the king who served after Avortolani made   his first retirement from the navy, as king. Hahaboomman1234 is credited for his diplomatic capabilities as well as his stable HICOM. Both of these elements combined introduced Whitecrest to a long-standing era of strength and stability.  

Unfortunately, this stability was not to last. As king Hahaboomman1234 became increasingly less active, and with incentive from Nahr_Nahrstein, Avortolani would replace Hahaboomman1234 as King of Whitecrest.  


  • Hahaboomman1234 possesses an Ironclad made of Gold and Ebony.
  • A Tradelands moderator, Captain Denny, changed Hahaboomman1234's ingame name to "Haha Blowjob." This caused quite a scene in Tradelands.