The flag and faction is based off of vikings as seen in the flag itself.

Hallengard is one of the major factions in Tradelands. It is located in place of the Verner Expedition's previous home, Fort Verner, at the northernmost point of the Tradelands world. The people of Hallengard are made up of former Verdantine subjects, and also consist of members of the former Verderdantine government. Hallengard's culture is based on Viking history. It used to be a vassal of Nova Balreska.

Hallengard Group Ranks

The faction's group contains ranks based on Viking history.

  • Thrall (Minor Citizen)
  • Skald (Major Citizen)
  • Herra (Navy Crewman)
  • Thegn (Navy Midshipman)
  • Aesir (Navy Officer)
  • Radningar (Navy Admiral)
  • Hersir (Warlord - Diplomat)
  • Freyr (Leader)

Diplomatic Relations

Government: Viking

Allies: None.

Neutral: Burkeland, Purshovia, Whitecrest, Nova Balreska.

Navy can only attack: Blackwind Pirates.

Enemies: Blackwind Pirates and Inyola.

After having Verdantine being conquered, the Verner Militia (consisting of Verdantine Former Government), was given a new home at Verner Expedition's old home, Fort Verner.


Freyr (Leader): ShufflingJason

Hersir (Warlord): ExtremelyUnlucky

Radningar (Admiral): wantingblob, ianlegendstone, MrSquiddyMan833

Ex- Freyrs (First to last): Fraunsnak (Frauns), Confused19, FaboGrenouille, Naxirb, GrandmasterHelios, ianlegendstone, ZephyrThrone, jus28228.


  • Hallengard is the replacement to the Verdantine Sovereignty after it was taken over by the Verner Expedition.
  • On August 15, 2016, Hallengard was invaded by a fleet of Blackwind Pirates.
  • Hallengard's navy officer flag is on a white field; rather than the dark blue
  • As stated in the flag caption; the faction is based solely on Vikings.
  • Hallengard and Inyola are sworn enemies
  • Hallengard was Freed from the Nova Balreskan control by Wilkosgaming 2 days after he was elected chancellor
  • On 18 March 2017 Hallengard declared war on Nova Balreska
  • Hallengard is considered by many players as the faction with less members

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