The flag, faction and culture of Hallengard are largely based off of Viking themes, as indicated by the flag.

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Hallengard is a major faction in Central Tradelands. Isle Hallengard is also their home, as well as being in the northernmost point of the Central Tradelands. The faction consists of former mercenaries, and some members of old Verdantine Sovereignty, from after the Verner and Verdantine War. It’s flag is Viking themed.

Hallengard's theme and culture are based off Vikings. When Hallengard was introduced, they were hired mercenaries for Verner Expedition. Theywere tasked with holding Fort Verner. Until later on, Hallengard fought Nova Balreska for their freedom. In the end, Chancellor WilkosGaming after being warned by King Hahaboomman1234 of Whitecrest, gave Hallengard their independence and rights to Fort Verner. To this day, Fort Verner is known as Isle Hallengard.

Their navy weapons are the Hallengard Battleaxe and the Hallengard Dagger.


The island formerly belonged to Verner Expedition as Fort Verner, now belongs to Hallengard as Isle Hallengard. Rock quarries and trees located outside the fort, gives quick access to limited resources.

There is a sunken Atlas, previously a slave ship carrying former citizens of Balresk and former Inyolan slaves wedged between two rocks just outside of the island. Even after many years since it's wrecking, It stands as a monument to the people who would later found Nova Balreska and Hallengard. Inside the Atlas there's a larger map of Tradelands including Purshovia, Burkeland, Inyola and Balresk.

On the eastern beach of Hallengard there lies a few rowboats marooned on the island from the shipwrecked tlas.

For a wooden fort, the place seems quite fortified by those who inhabit it. Around the fort are several long gun stations to keep ships at bay. Around the center are two large mortars which helps to even further protect those inside the fort. The walls are high enough that it requires two people to even get over. Some are crafty enough to even use the rocks to climb over. With walkways across the fort walls, those climbing over are easy targets from a ranged weapon.

Picture of Hallen-0

The Isle of Hallengard (with shipwrecked Atlas to the right)

Local Buildings

Due to the island being small, fortifications are essential to keeping Hallengard safe. That's why each cannon station covers a small side of Isle Hallengard, giving the island near full 360 degrees of coverage, if not for the rocks. Where the cannons can't reach, the mortars will sure pound away at those who dare even come close.

The wooden fort walls are surprisingly durable to attacks. Most of all, being tall enough to keep even the most troublesome people out. Although some rocks are low enough to allow people to climb over and into the fort.

With the increased amount of people coming into Hallengard, so has the rapscallions that upset the peace. To counter than, Hallengard has added a local jail. It's also the place where Hallen members who combat log are sent to.

To the contrary of the small island, it boasts a long deck for ships to enter its port. Probably to know the difference of local attackers sailing in, from busy merchants buying and selling cargo. Selling cargo from Whitecrest gives +10 more doubloons than going to Nova Balreska. For such profit margins, most people would sell at Nova Balreska at that rate.

Hallengard Ranks


Hallengard Crewman Uniform

The faction's group contains ranks based on Viking history.

  • Thrall (Minor Citizen)
  • Skald (Major Citizen)
  • Herra (Navy Crewman)
  • Thegn (Navy Midshipman)
  • Aesir (Navy Officer)
  • Radningar (Navy Admiral)
  • Hersir (Warlord - Diplomat)
  • Governor (Leader)
  • Freyr/Freja (Former Leadership Rank)

Diplomatic Relations

Government: Viking, Annexed

Patron: New Purshovia Trading Co. (NPTCo.)

Allies: Purshovia(owner of NPTCo.)

Neutral: Burkeland, Nova Balreska, Whitecrest

Enemies: Blackwind Pirates and Inyola


Governor: BeccyTurner

Hersir (2nd in Command): LegoKalen12

Radningar (Admiral): sockee5, NikolayAurelius, C4iby0, triathlete1

Former and Current Freyr's

Freyr and Hersirs Time of Reign


Fraunsnak aka


2016 The first Freyr to Hallengard. During this time, Hallengard were mercenaries for Nova Balreska to watch over Fort Verner. (Now known as Isle Hallengard)
Confused19 2016
FaboGrenouille 2016
Naxirb 2016
GrandmasterHelios 2016 - 2017
Ianlegendstone 2017 Currently, the only Freyr to have been Freyr twice
ZephyrThrone 2017
jus28228 2017
ShufflingJason 2017
Ianlegendstone 2017
Wantingblob 2017
Freyr andiboy6,

Hersir KiritoKazutoZ

2017 - February 2018
Freyr CptnSpackJarrow,

Hersir Sevenfold52

February 2018 - March 2018 Former Freyr CptnSpackJarrow left the position of leadership causing temporary anarchy within Hallengard. Sevenfold52 became the new Freyr.
Freyr Sevenfold52,

Hersir IceBreaker263715

March 2018 - March 2018 Freyr Sevenfold52 took over during a short time of anarchy in Hallengard. Due to his alliance with pirates, he was quickly ousted by those of Hallengard.
Freyja BeccyTurner

Hersir IceBreaker263715

March 2018 - Spring 2018

The first Freyja (Female Freyr). Fairly calm leadership.
Freyr Bowserman1

Hersir BeccyTurner

Spring 2018 - August 2018 Near the end of his reign, Hersir BeccyTurner went away, only to have Hallengard invaded by a Purshovian Trading Company. Bowserman1 fell in battle.
Governor BeccyTurner, Lt. Governor NikolayAurelius August 2018 - Present

The assigned leader of Hallengard after the invasion by a Purshovian Trading Company. Also the leader of the NPTCo. successful takeover of the island.

Hersir LegoKalen12 August 29, 2018 - November 15, 2018 Due to the lack of presence of the Lt. Governor, Hersir was chosen by Nahr. Works hand in hand with the NPTCo. Died in the Hallengard-Whitecrest battle


  • Hallengard replaced Verdantine Sovereignty (save data wise) after it was taken over by the Verner Expedition.
  • On August 15, 2016, Hallengard was invaded by a fleet of Blackwind Pirates.
  • Hallengard's navy officer flag is on a white field; rather than the dark blue
  • Hallengard and Inyola are sworn enemies due to the Inyolans hate of the "Northern Scourge"
  • Hallengard was freed from the Nova Balreskan contract by Chancellor Wilkosgaming two days after he was elected chancellor
  • On 18 March 2017 Hallengard declared war on Nova Balreska
  • Ianlegendstone has been freyr several times, since after Zephy, and before Zephy leadership.
  • In August 2018 Hallengard was taken over by the New Purshovian trading company(NPTCo)


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