The flag and faction is based off of vikings as seen in the flag itself.

Hallengard is one of the major factions in Tradelands. It is located in place of the Verner Expedition's previous home, Fort Verner, at the northernmost point of the Tradelands world. The people of Hallengard are made up of former Verdantine subjects. Hallengard's culture and theme is based off of viking history. When Hallengard was introduced into Central Tradelands, they used to be mercenaries of Nova Balreska, holding Fort Verner for their buyer. Until later on Hallengard had enough and fought Nova for their freedom. In the end Chancellor WilkosGaming after warned by Whitecrest, gave Hallengard their independence and Fort Verner. To this day Fort Verner is known to be Isle Hallengard.


The island formerly belonging to Verner Expedition as Fort Verner, now belongs to solely Hallengard as Isle Hallengard. Rock quarries and trees located outside the fort gives subjects quick access to resources. There is also a large atlas outside the fort as a monument to those who got shipwrecked from an Inyolan slaveship and lived on this island. Inside the Atlas contains a map of tradelands unseen by many. There are also a few small ships docked at the eastern side of the island.

For a wooden fort, the place seems to be easier protected by those who inhabit it. Around the fort are 4 separate long gun cannons to keep ships at bay. around the center are two large mortars which helps to even further protect those inside the fort and taking out large ships with. The walls are high enough that it requires one person to stand and the others to jump over to even get over it. With walkways across the fort walls, those climbing over are easy targets to be shot at from a ranged weapon.

Hallengard Group Ranks

The faction's group contains ranks based on Viking history.

  • Thrall (Minor Citizen)
  • Skald (Major Citizen)
  • Herra (Navy Crewman)
  • Thegn (Navy Midshipman)
  • Aesir (Navy Officer)
  • Radningar (Navy Admiral)
  • Hersir (Warlord - Diplomat)
  • Freyr (Leader)

Sail Color's: Dark Blue, Baby Blue, Blue, and White Blue

Diplomatic Relations

Government: Viking

Allies: Nova Balreska (Northern Confederation)

Neutral: Burkeland, Purshovia

Enemies: Blackwind PiratesInyola, and Whitecrest


Freyr (Leader): andiboy6

Hersir (Warlord): IceBreaker263715

Radningar (Admiral): Giieko, BeccyTurner, Sevenfoldlad52

Former Freyrs (In order from First to last): Fraunsnak (Frauns), Confused19, FaboGrenouille, Naxirb, GrandmasterHelios, ianlegendstone, ZephyrThrone, jus28228, ShufflingJason, Wantingblob


  • Hallengard is the replacement to the Verdantine Sovereignty after it was taken over by the Verner Expedition.
  • On August 15, 2016, Hallengard was invaded by a fleet of Blackwind Pirates.
  • Hallengard's navy officer flag is on a white field; rather than the dark blue
  • As stated in the flag caption; the faction is based solely on Vikings.
  • Hallengard and Inyola are sworn enemies
  • Hallengard was Freed from the Nova Balreskan control by Wilkosgaming 2 days after he was elected chancellor
  • On 18 March 2017 Hallengard declared war on Nova Balreska
  • Hallengard is considered by many players as the faction with less members
  • Ianlegendstone has been freyr several times, e.x after Zephy, and before Zephy.

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