Isle Hallenguard is an island with numerous rocks surrounding its treacherous shores. It was first landed upon by Balreskan refugees in the Verner Expedition. After the subjugation of Verdantium, Verdantine sympathizers were exiled to this island (Ingame). The vikings hired by Nova Balreska then have lived on this island for some time, until the island was invaded by pirates and vassalized by pirates for 5 days. Hallengard was reclaimed by Nova Balreska in a few months following the invasion (Hallengard independence war). Hallengard was finally freed following the request of King Haha to Chancellor MilkosGaming. Hallengard is now owned by the Vikings Of Hallengard.

On this island sits Fort Verner, a wooden fort constructed by the Balreskans not long after they arrived. The fort has poor armory compared to Whitecrest and Nova Balreska.


- The atlas nearby contains a map of the outside world (not updated so It has verd on it).

- The lifeboat was used to get on shore of this island by the Refugees

- The merchant named Ronald Drumpf is named after Donald Trump as a meme by Nahr_Nahrstein

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