Image of the Kestrel.

Type Ketch
Role Support
Hull Strength 6500
Max Armament 4 x Size 5 Cannon

1 x Size 6 Mortar

Max Cargo 6

Storage for 30 Cannon Balls

Speed 7
Metal 60
Timber 280
Doubloons 15000
Level 5

"The Kestrel's reinforced bow allows her to be armed with a long-range mortar."-Shipwright Summary

The Kestrel is a level 5 ship with good health, cargo, armament and speed. She can serve well as a general multipurpose ship, and carries a cannonball storage for naval battles.

Although having mediocre max armament, used correctly can output significant damage on an enemy. Prefered to use on small ships.


Named after the small old world falcon of Europe.

An upgraded version of the Kestrel exists. The Manta is superior in terms of armament, speed and ammo storage but has only half the cargo, at 3 spaces.

The Kestrel is a bomb ship. Bomb ships are known for supporting fleets with their long range mortars although true bomb ships often have more than one mortar.


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