Whitecrest's Flag

The Kingdom of Whitecrest occupies the south eastern region of the Tradelands islands.  The Kingdom of Whitecrest is led by an elected king who is currently 99504man. Their main port is located in Whitecrest, as the name suggests. It is the largest and oldest faction in Tradelands. The island has dense ore deposits, making it a favorable mining spot.


The Whitecrest Navy is the longest running navy since Tradelands became public. The navy also goes back to the Beta times of Tradelands. The navy had also fought against Inyola during the Whitecrest and Inyola conflict, ending up in the defeat of Inyola by Purshovian forces.

Diplomatic Relations


Allies: Nova Balreska

Enemies: Blackwind

Neutral: Burkeland, Inyola, Purshovia, Hallengard,Nova Balreska


King: 99504man

Prince: None

Diplomat: CaptainPikmin64,Pavalix

Minister of the Navy: DannyKSP

Admirals: SentientDakimakura, sebseb12345678910

Previous Kings: Avortolani ,Holyswine , Kagaros ,Taborak, hahaboomman1234, EpicDogMan10 (Insert the 2nd king, it wasn't Rhysthecool.)


  • The Kingdom of Whitecrest used to have many type of advisers. The type of advisers were Diplomat, Treasury, Military. The rank is now reduced to just Diplomat.
  • Knights are the highest honor for former naval officers+ and diplomatic members of Whitecrest who decided to retire.
  • Usually the faction in which traders are targeted by pirates.
  • Normally the faction where most players are members.

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