This is actually a great ship for fishing.

Type Rowboat
Role Leisure
Hull Strength 1200
Max Armament None
Max Cargo 1
Speed Varies depending on how many riders.
Metal 15
Timber 60
Doubloons 12000
Level 2

"Who needs wind? Seating for two rowers. Requires a paddle."-Shipwright Summary

WARNING: The paddles to paddle a Koi cannot be crafted until a high crafting level. Not for beginning players. Buy at your own risk.

The Koi is a level 2 specialty ship that can ignore wind because it is rowed with paddles. The Koi, although can be crafted at level 2, requires paddles, which require a Crafting Level of 5.

Even knowing its useless at a low level crafting, its good as a fishing boat to the sea, you will be harder to spot, and its somewhat relaxing.

The koi can be paddled by 1 person though it is more faster reaching an incredible speed if 2 experianced people rowed it. Combined with how fast it rotates when moving, it's speed and how the paddlers can row on each side, this makes the koi quite difficult to control when rowing a koi for the first time.


Named after The unique Amur Carp found in Japan. It's name literally means "Carp" in Japanese- the Amur Karp or koi is kept as pets in small to meduim ponds.

Though some ships have a koi-like boat onboard, they don't have any function, not acting as an emergancy lifeboat.

The flag on it still operates according to wind direction, this is useless though as the Koi lacks sails.

Often used for fishing.

Koi racing is a common event hosted by faction leaders and some group leaders usually announced on Discord, most races offer the winner huge amounts of doubloons.

Some use this as a defensive boarding vessel, but when the enemy is close enough to port that you would need one it may just be better to sail upwind in a Minnow or Goldfish.

Strategy annoy attackers by turning fast And making sure they can't catch up to you. Most annoying ship in the game to hit.

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