Type Dhow
Role Multi-Purpose
Hull Strength 2700
Max Armament 2 x Size 2 Cannon
Max Cargo 3
Speed 7
Metal 5
Timber 40
Doubloons 1000
Level 1

"The Lark's lateen sail makes her extremely maneuverable." -Shipwright Summary

The Lark is a first-level ship with higher health armament and cargo than the starter ships, but less health and cannons than the Sparrow and one less cargo than the Swallow, made up for by it's excellent maneuverability and upwind speed. Good for outrunning small ships and for fast cargo runs for beginners.


Named after the small brown bird found mostly in hot, dry environments, rather ironic as this is a ship.

Although not confirmed, the lark appears to have a larger area to catch the wind than the Marauder and Starling. This combined with it's fair turning speed make it possible to go "almost" upwind. [NOTE] It is very possible that it just appears to have a larger area to catch the wind due small size of the lark.


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