Balreskan Brew/Lime Juice is the very first consumable in the game, introduced in the May 31, 2016 update. It is a consumable that represents a wooden mug filled with an indeterminable liquid, and can be purchased from the Tavernkeeper Moe Burke within the Sword and Star tavern at a rate of 80 doubloons per piece. To use, one must place it onto their tool bar through the inventory, and equip it. When consumed, the Lime Juice offers a temporary buff to Hit Points, at a hit to Stamina, which is displayed as a message on the top of the screen. Nothing is quite known about the consumable beyond its name, which implies that the process of making it, as well as the recipe itself, is known only by select brewers within Nova Balreska. During the Buried Treasure event, 5 Lime Juice was also needed for the Crazy Captain's quest.

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