This is the official list of current fan groups for Tradelands. Most of these fan groups will be of crews for the various factions and also Trading Companies that exist in the Tradelands World. Each of these groups are open to new members to join them.

Blackwind Pirates Crews

Active Crews

Active pirate groups may be added here down below.

Whitecrest Crews

  • The Redcoat Navy
  • Noobcrest Navy
  • Royal Old Guards of Whitecrest (ROG)
  • Red Water Navy
  • BDS Naval Fleet
  • Whitecrest Mercenaries
  • Royal Waywind Navy
  • Lost Souls of Whitecrest (LSOW)
  • Vanguard Navy

Hallengard Crews

  • The Bloodstone Dragons
  • The Queen's Privateers
  • The Culper Ring
  • Ironborn Brigade
  • Silent Stilettos

Nova Balreska Crews

Tradelands Trading Companies

Active Trading Companies

Active trading companies may be added here down below

  • Waywind Trading .co
  • Whitecrest International Trading Company
  • Northwind Trading Company
  • Richmond Trading Co.
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