Image of the Marauder

Type Xebec
Role Piracy
Hull Strength 5500
Max Armament 6 x Size 6 Cannon

2 x Size 3 Cannon (Bow)

2 x Size 1 Swivel Gun

Max Cargo 4

Storage for 40 Cannon Balls

Speed 8
Metal 70
Timber 400
Doubloons 29000
Level 7
"The Marauder packs both speed and firepower. The ideal ship for a pirate."

The Marauder is a Level 7 Xebec. Quick, armed to the teeth, and very maneuverable, the Marauder is an ideal ship for pirates or pirate hunters.

Its armament, consisting of 6 size 6 cannons, 2 size 3 chaser cannons, and 2 size 1 swivel guns. It is infamous for its fast speed and firepower, similar to the Stiletto and Shark , improved with lateen rigging. It's sails can maintain full speed in a 180 degree area, making it capable of chasing and fleeing just about anything.

It serves as an excellent escort for moderate sized ships such as a Goose or Neptune , both having sluggish speeds. It is a viable raiding and boarding ship used by all factions. However its mediocre hitpoint count makes it vulnerable for fighting combat ships with experienced gunners, who aim with high accuracy. Her broad deck also makes mortars even more of a threat, since if a round lands anywhere near the main-truck all of the gunners will be maimed or killed.


  • Named after someone who "marauds", a robber, bandit, or raider in other words. Appropriate for a combat ship.
  • Many do not use this ship due to its meager hull strength, although it generally can outrun all ships that wish to chase it down.
  • It is faster on average than the stiletto due to it's lateen sails.
  • Currently is the only ship to have a black flag displayed instead of the white one on its Icon
  • Xebecs were popular Mediterranean pirating ships and used very highly during their time in hit and run raids. The same uses and tactics are also highly used in game.
  • Ironically, Some Xebecs were used for Trading during Peacetime.
  • During roleplay battles the Marauder is exclusive to Blackwind Pirates .


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