Image of the Marauder

Type Xebec
Role Piracy
Hull Strength 5500
Max Armament 6 x Size 6 Cannon

2 x Size 3 Cannon (Bow)

2 x Size 1 Swivel Gun

Max Cargo 4

Storage for 40 Cannon Balls

Speed 8
Metal 70
Timber 400
Doubloons 29000
Level 7

"The Marauder packs both speed and firepower. The ideal ship for a pirate."

The Marauder is a Level 7 Xebec. Quick, armed to the teeth and very maneuverable, the Marauder is an ideal ship for pirates or pirate hunters.

Its armament, consisting of 6 size 6 cannons, 2 size 3 chaser cannons, and 2 size 1 swivel guns is plenty to destroy most ships in its range without breaking a sweat, and although its health is quite low, the Marauder's great maneuverability steps in to make it one of the best pirate ships around.

The Marauder costs 400 timber, 70 metal, and 29,000 doubloons to construct, after obtaining level 7.


Named after someone who "marauds", a robber, bandit or raider in other words. Appropriate for a combat ship.


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