Type Three-Masted Schooner
Role Mercantile
Hull Strength 8000
Max Armament 8 x Size 7 Cannon
Max Cargo 10
Speed 7
Metal 55
Timber 340
Doubloons 26500
Level 6
"The Marlin is the perfect ship for any captain that wants to take a lot of cargo someplace quickly."-Shipwright Summary

The Marlin is a level 6 ship with good armament, fair hull strength, decent cargo capacity, and decent movement and turn speeds. It sports the same broadside as a Shark, Serpent and Phoenix, but weaker in hull strength and being mercantile.

It can be used as a pseudo combat ship, but keep in mind its slower speeds.


Named after the popular sports fish with its fast speeds and long sword-like snout. Appropriate given its speed.

No relation to the Marlin (Fish)

RobloxScreenShot03122017 171740871

A Marlin in the Shipwright's Menu


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