Small Sword

A Smallsword

Sword materials only affect the durability. Salt degrades the fastest and steel degrades the slowest. Sword material does not affect damage. Basically if someone has the same sort of sword as you (shortsword, sabre, etc etc) made of a different metal, you are not at a disadvantage.

Wood types are cosmetic and do not affect anything but the appearance. Each tier of weapon does more damage than the last one; however, their swing speeds may vary, with daggers having the fastest attack rate and the battleaxe the slowest. Daggers also take up less stamina than other weapons, but have the shortest range.

Sword Name Hits To Kill (Slashing) Hits to Kill (Stabbing) Attack Speed (Rank) Stamina Usage (Rank) Weapon Reach (Rank)
Stone Axe 12 12+ 8 3 5
Stone Pickaxe 12 12+ 8 3 5
Old Knife 8 8 1 1 10
Dagger 6 6 1 1 7
Short Sword 6 6 7 4 4
Tomahawk 6 6 4 1 5
Rapier 14 5 3 3 2
Smallsword 6 6 4 4 3
Stiletto 14 5 1 1 7
Sabre 4 4 7 7 2
Battleaxe 14 3 8 8 5
Navy/ Exclusive


Durability Hits to Defeat Attack Speed(rank) Stamina Usage(rank) Weapon Reach(rank)
Whitecrest Halberd High 3 8 8 1
Hallengard Battleaxe High 3 8 8 1
Hallengard Dagger High 6 1 1 6
Balreskan Longsword High 4 4 3 2
Balreskan Warhammer High 4 1 1 6
Scimitar(Sabre Reskin) High 5 7 7 2
Cutlass(Sword) High

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