In Tradelands there are three main merchants who will sell you items. There are two other merchants who sell cargo. The merchants are all NPCs that are all interactable with by clicking on the black speech bubble above their heads. These merchants can be found on all the main islands which corresponds to it's proper faction.

Merchants will sell you items depending on who you'll talk to. A short description and a list of what they will sell is shown below.

General Merchant

General merchants will sell players general items that may of have been lost during gameplay or need a quick way to get round shots. In most cases, you may need to return to the General merchant in order to continue to play. i.e. stone tools to get resources.

Item Cost (doubloons) Amount
Stone Axe 0 1
Stone Pickaxe 0 1
Map 100 1
Round Shot 1000 20
Hardtack 50 10

Loyalty Merchant

Loyalty merchants will sell items that require Loyalty Tokens in order to be bought. 

Item Cost

(Loyalty Tokens)

Featherstone 10 1
Round Shot 1 20
Dull Dye 2 20
Mermaid FH 5 1
Meercat FH 8 1
Sturdy Wheel 3 1
Banded Wheel 6 1

Accessory Vendor

Accessory Vendor will sell players accessories or add ons to your body. This shop requires either Loyalty Tokens or Premium Tokens to buy the items. Premium Tokens are also bought here. Most of these items will take up the back slot in your items. Which limits you to your right/left hand. The accessories do "not" help you in anyway, and are meant for vanity.

Item Cost

(Loyalty Tokens)


(Premium Tokens)

Abs 3 15 1
Abs2 15 15 1
Parrot 3 15 1
Cape (Black) 5 25 1
Cape (Whitecrest) 5 25 1
Cape (Blackwind) 5 25 1
Cape (Nova Balreska) 5 25 1
Cape (Hallengard) 5 25 1
Personal Steam Engine 15 50 1

Premium Merchant

Premium merchants will sell items that require Robux in order to be bought.

Item Cost($R) Amount
Double Exp (Which is Permanent) 500 1
Dull Dye 15 50
Normal Dye 25 50
Vibrant Dye 40 50
Mahogany 40 100
Elm 45 100
Ash 60 100
Cherry 60 100
Ironwood 100 100
Ebony 150 100
Mermaid FH 15 1
Mermaid (Bow) FH 30 1
Mermaid (Torch) FH 35 1
Mercat FH 25 1
Sturdy Wheel 5 1
Banded Wheel 15 1
Gilded Wheel 25 1
Heavy Wheel


Mystery Crate (Monthly Item) 100 Random

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