The Mystery Crate was added August 5th, 2016. The crate allows chances for receiving glowies, rare items, and rare tools, etc.

The Mystery Crates are usually sold on one weekend a month before going out of sale or during events.

Mystery Crate Rewards

General Crate Rewards

  • Glowy Tools and Weapons

August Month 2016

September Month 2016

  • Hallengard Daggers (glowies and different wood/metal variants)
  • Empty Barrels
  • Tactical Fish
  • Glowies

December Month 2016

  • Glowies
  • Iron
  • Inyolan oak
  • Blood oak
  • Angel Wood
  • Ebony
  • Empty Barrels
  • Weapons
  • Scimitars (glowies and different wood/metal variants)
  • Balreskan Warhammers (glowies and different wood/metal variants)
  • Whitecrest Halberds (glowies and different wood/metal/gem variants)
  • All Gems (Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire)
  • Electrosteel

December Month 2017

  • New materials added (charged gems, glass, glided(gold handle), shiny(silver handle))
  • New combos on weapons (frosteel/glass glowsaber, cold frosteel shortsword/heavy crossybow/katana)
  • Note: No navy weapons come out in the crate this time

April Month 2018

  • Glowy hilts, handles and blade part.
  • Cannons

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