Navy ships are ships that serve the navy of their factions. Navy ships are indicated with a separate, unique flag. Naval flags are obtained by becoming an Officer+ in a Tradelands navy. The flag serves no practical purpose, other than perhaps showing others that you're the real deal.

Whitecrest Naval Flag

The Whitecrest naval flag sports the Whitecrest colors, black and white. White dominates two thirds of the flag, with a diagonal red stripe splitting it in half. The black portion of the flag features an inverted anchor- a direct link to the seas.

Whitecrest Navy Flag

The Flag of the Whitecrest Navy

Verdantine Naval Flag

The Verdantine Sovereignty flag is simple in design and is quite similar to the Whitecrest naval flag. Two thirds of the flag is white, while the rest of the flag is a medium green. The green side is solid, lacking any features. The white side features golden sword within an eight-point star.

Verd Officer Flag

The Verdantine Sovereignty Navy Flag