Type Ironclad
Role Combat
Hull Strength 27,000
Max Armament 1 x Size 10 turret, 6 x Size 6 Cannon
Max Cargo 0
Speed S:4 E:4
Metal x2500 Iron, Advanced Engine x1
Timber x500
Doubloons 1,000,000
Level 10

"The Neptune's all-iron hull makes it extremely tough. Press E to toggle engine on and off. Requires Coal to run. Don't forget to press V to see while driving. HAS NO SAILS." - Shipwright Description

The Neptune is a level 10 ironclad with no cargo, a great bow gun but a lacking broadside, slow speed, and large health. Compared to other level 10 ships, the Neptune sports a lacking broadside of small guns. The slow turning speed of the also makes the Neptune susceptible to stern locking; however, the Neptune makes up for these shortcomings with the aforementioned health pool of the ability to mount a powerful bow gun unique to the ship, such as the Neptune Super Carronade, the Neptune Howitzer, and the Neptune Twin Long Guns. The most effective usage of the Neptune in combat places it in a support role, knocking out the crew of opposing ships with the splash damage of the Neptune Howitzer while other ships deal the majority of the damage towards opposing ships. The Neptune can be entered through the hatch located on rear of the casemate or by the opening in the front of the casemate if no bow gun is mounted. It requires an Advanced Engine from the premium merchant to build.

The Neptune and Poseidon's metal sections can be changed using a cladifier.


The Neptune is based off of the casemate ironclad warships of the late 19th century.

The CSS Virgina, an example of a casemate ironclad.


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