Type Ironclad
Role Combat
Hull Strength 27,000
Max Armament 1 x Size 10 turret, 6 x Size 6 Cannon
Max Cargo 0
Speed S:4 E:4
Metal x2500 Iron, Advanced Engine x1
Timber x500
Doubloons 1,000,000
Level 10

"The Neptune's all-iron hull makes it extremely tough. Press E to toggle engine on and off. Requires Coal to run. Don't forget to press V to see while driving. HAS NO SAILS."

The Neptune is a level 10 vanity ironclad steamship with good cannons, no cargo, low speed, and the highest health in the game. As such, it is best used in combat to take damage for allied ships. The only way to enter the Neptune is through the back or by opening the turret. Requires an Advanced Engine from the premium merchant to build.

The in-game Neptune is based on the Civil War ironclad, the CSS Virginia. The CSS Virginia was launched on February 17th, 1862.

The CSS Virginia was used during the American Civil War in 1862. The CSS Virginia had her counterpart in the Union Navy, the USS Monitor. The USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia fought in the first ever ironclad battle, the Battle of Hampton Roads.

A picture of the famous of the real life counter part of the neptune the CSS Virgina.

Neptunes along with Poseidons base material can be changed using a cladifier for 5000 robux or by buying it off a player who has one.


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