Non Playable Characters, also known as NPCs are virtual characters that play a specific role in the world of Tradelands. Each faction has their own NPCs. This is an example of a NPC, the Shipwright. To talk to one, you need to hover over the black bubble with a specific letter and click on it. A specific menu will show up on your screen depending on the NPC you talked to. We classify 4 of them as Merchants, which are divided to Item Merchants and Trader Merchants. Some are used for Ship Building, Storage, and Roleplay. This NPC post insures we have them all classified in a certain category and all in one place.


There are lots of types of NPCs, they are listed here:

A special Fisherman NPC is located in Freeport, used for trading fish for cargo. You will not find him anywhere other than Freeport.

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