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Nova Balreska is the northernmost nation situated in the Central Tradelands archipelago. She was formed out of the remnants of the Verner Expedition following the occupation of Verdantine Sovereignty territory following the War of Verdantine Aggression. She claims Perth and the island of Verdantium, with Verdantium as her capitol. The former Fort Verner was ceded to Hallengard mercenaries.

Nova Balreska is a military junta, led by a council formed by the popularly-elected Chancellor, his running mate Grand Sea Lord, and naval Admirals. Nova Balreska claims the republican traditions of the grand northern republic Balresk, and was the dominant partner of the now-defunct Northern Confederation. Their navy weapons are the Balreskan Longsword and the Balreskan War Hammer.

Nova Balreska has been known to host a formidable coup leader named Flipppyy. Known to have created several coups in Nova Balreska for several years, he has been the most successful out of any Tradelands lead coups. Later though one of his coups ended badly to his execution to where his son now follows in his steps, but more tamed. Flipppyy is also one of Nova Balreska's Navy officers currently.

Nova Balreska was once known to own Isle Hallengard, formerly Fort Verner, until the former Chancellor Wilkos was pressured to release the Isle to Hallengard. Even though that did not stop the conflicts between Nova Balreska and Hallengard, they're currently neutral diplomacy with each other. Even after the disbanded Northern Confederation to help protect them from Whitecrest.

Former Chancellor David is known to provoke other factions as the most recent, provoking Burkeland enough to enter into a personal conflict during the NCF and WC Conflict. (As it wasn't really a war, but more of a beat em up). during that conflict, apprently Fenwick was mortared to pieces, but nobody talks about it anymore.

During the takeover by the Purshovian Federation due to mistreatment of former Verdantine citizens, a new leader was chosen but in the end they were either executed or became fugitives to Nova Balreska. (more so fugitives as apparently the execution wasn't counted due to RP mode)


Compared to nearby Whitecrest, Nova Balreskan territories have been settled much more recently. As such, much of the land is untouched by man. Rocky hills dominate the landscape of the capitol, and acres of trees still cover large portions of the island. Perth is a less fertile spit of land, and lacks the acres of trees afforded by Verdantium. Perth's two islands make an excellent safe harbour for traders fleeing pursuing pirates.

Points of Interest

  • The Central Battery is a gun emplacement perched atop a hill in the center of the island. It houses the island's only mortar emplacement. The Southern Battery is situated on the very end of the pier, and was purchased by Governor Milbert23 shortly before Tradelands was publicly released.
  • The Sword and Star is a tavern located on the western edge of the island. A homage to the now-defunct Verdantine Sovereignty, the establishment serves a variety of drinks in a setting proudly displaying moments in the Verdantine Navy. A Chessboard and Royal Game of Ur board are available for the entertainment of guests.
  • Fort Gallant is situated on the easternmost point of the island, overlooking the man-made harbour. Named after its architect, TheValiant, the fort was installed in mid-to-late 2015 during Governor Frauns's reign. The location often hosts naval training events.

Local Government

The Chancellor is the popularly-elected civilian head of the government. He is the highest-ranking diplomatic official, and presides over the rest of the government, guiding them towards meeting goals he sets. He is elected by majority, utilizing two rounds of voting to select the Chancellor Elect. The first round is used to select two candidates, with the two candidates with the highest number of votes moving on to the run-off elections. In the run-off elections, whichever candidate scores more than 50% of the vote becomes the Chancellor Elect, and is put into office as soon as possible.

The Grand Sea Lord is the commander-in-chief of the Nova Balreskan Navy, and is an adopted title from the Verdantine Sovereignty Navy. He is elected as the running-mate of the Chancellor, and is next in line to the head office should the occupying Chancellor vacate it early.

Admirals are the joint leaders of the Nova Balreskan navy, chosen based on merit by the Grand Sea Lord and Chancellor. They are a part of "High Command" along with the Chancellor and the Grand Sea Lord, and have a say in the direction of the national government.

Diplomatic Relations

Government: Military Junta (with elected Chancellor)

Allies: Purshovia Federation (overlord)

Enemies: Blackwind Pirates

Neutral: Inyola, Burkeland, Kingdom of Whitecrest, Hallengard

Other Notes:

  • As of March 2018, a pact of mutual nonaggression has been signed between Whitecrest and Nova Balreska.
  • Hostility with Inyola due to an incident where the Inyolan Warlord was fired upon by Nova Balresk naval ships.
  • Hostility with Burkeland due to incidents involving Burkish merchants being fired upon by the Nova Balreskan Navy
  • Despite vassalization by Purshovia, the overlord country has distanced itself from the smaller nation. Purshovia only interferes with Nova Balreskan affairs when it directly benefits the Federation.


Chancellor: Rhonor

Grand Sea Lord: FUZZclover

Admirals: TeamVogel, xxXNIEGEXxx

Diplomats: Milbert23, LittleH4X, Predator, david89091, Kagaros, Lovecake52CX, Aegaois, gtpower3

Historical Events

Here are certain events that have happened throughout Nova Balreska's history from Nova Balreska's point of view.

  • Voyage of the Verner Expedition and subsequent shipwreck on what is now Hallengard Isle.
  • The War of Verdantine Aggression, culminating in the occupation of Verdantine territories by Nova Balreska.
  • The War for Hallengard's Independence, resulting in Hallengard's freedom.
  • Warlord Piao incident, in which the Navy fired upon the Inyolan envoy.
  • Burkeland merchants incident, in which the Navy fired upon Burkeland citizens.
  • Forced vassalization under Purshovia following the first Flipppyy Rebellion
  • Dissolution of the Tri-Alliance, and formation of the Northern Confederation with Hallengard.
  • Northern Confederation's War on Whitecrest, resulting in the Burkeland Convention being imposed on Confederation member states.
  • Disbanding of Northern Confederation Alliance.

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Current and Former Chancellors

Chancellor and Grand Sea Lord Time of Reign


Chancellor Kagaros, Grand Sea Lord gtpower3 August 2016 - January 2017 Former Chancellor Kagaros was the Governor of Verner Expedition, before he was naturally chosen as the first Chancellor of Nova Balreska.
Chancellor WilkosGaming,

Grand Sea Lord aaron28267 (now known as Asaelus)

January 2017 - Febuary 2017 Won the first election of Nova Balreska. Worked toward building a more powerful navy.
Chancellor David89091. Grand Sea Lord TacticalCarrot February 2017 - March 2017 After a decent time as Chancellor, David89091 was forced to step down by Admiral Marochev on behalf of the Purshovian government. His successor to be chosen by the Purshovian government.
Chancellor wantingblob, Grand Sea Lord LittleH4X March 2017 - March 2017 Chosen to represent the Purshovian people who've been neglected since the Nova Balreska reign, Former Chancellor wantingblob was chosen by the Purshovian government. During a surprise attack on the peace treaty with Whitecrest, the former Grand Sea Lord LittleH4X was killed by the rebellion. (Later was said he lived out of some miracle) The former Chancellor wantingblob, was then ousted from leadership by the rebellion.
Chancellor Flipppyy, Grand Sea Lord TacticalCarrot 2nd Reign

March 2017 - April 2017

After taking over the Nova Balreskan leadership via rebellion, former Chancellor Flipppyy became the new leader.
Chancellor David89091, Grand Sea Lord xXMaroufiXx 2nd Reign

April 2017 - July 2017

The former Grand Sea Lord xXmaroufiXx, was very influential in diplomacy with other factions and also making better of the navy.
Chancellor LittleH4X (Somehow revived), Grand Sea Lord Predator July 2017 - September 2017 Former Chancellor LittleH4X worked toward making better of the navy.
Chancellor FlipppyyJr, Grand Sea Lord sandstorm321 September 2017 - February 2018 Due to the failed coup of former Grand Sea Lord sandstorm321, sandstorm321 was replaced with now former Grand Sea Lord lowawesome441 as replacement.
Chancellor Lowawesome411, Grand Sea Lady Lovecake52CX February 2018 - March 2018 After winning the election due to popularity, the people of Nova Balreska's opinion quickly fell through when a coup was planned. Due to this unfortunate event, both had stepped down from their positions and left to Blackwind. Eventually, the former Grand Sea Lady Lovecake52CX was pardoned by the new Chancellor Rhonor. Lovecake52CX now stands as a Diplomat within Nova Balreska.
Chancellor Rhonor, Grand Sea Lord DailyBasis March 2018 - Present Chancellor Rhonor was put into office by the previous leaders of Nova Balreska (Chancellor Lowawesome411, Grand Sea Lady Lovecake52cx). During the first month of his appointment as Chancellor, Rhonor has dismantled the Northern Confederation. DailyBasis resigned shortly after, and was replaced by FUZZclover. At the end April, FUZZclover decided to retire, with the new Grand Sea Lord being Davisboy2.

Former Wars

  • First Hallengard-Nova Balreskan War - October 2016 (Hallengard invaded by pirates, Nova Balreska wished to re-gain control of their former vassal. Nova Balreskan victory, Hallengard becoming vassalized once again)
  • Perth Rebellion - October 2016 (Group of pirates wanted to overthrow the Nova Balreskan government, with the help of Hallengard. Joint Nova Balreskan-Whitecrest victory)
  • Second Hallengard-Nova Balreskan War - March 2017 (After Wilkos letting Hallengard have full independence, Hallengard declared war, soon did Whitecrest on the side on Hallengard. Purshovia intervened on the side of Nova Balreska. Peace was soon negotiated soon after)
  • Flipppyy's Coup - March 2017 (During the Second Hallengard-Nova Balreskan War, some of the navy overthrew the current leaders of Nova Balreska. Lead by Flipppyy, LittleH4X was assassinated. However, Chancellor WantingBlob had escaped.
  • Third Hallengard-Nova Balreskan War - Nova allied with WC to attack Hallengard.


  • The War Against the Verdantine Sovereignty or commonly known as the Verner-Verdantine War, was fought through 3 main battles.
  • Nova Balreska is currently tied as the newest playable faction, along with Hallengard.
  • The Nova Balreskan naval flag is the former flag of Verner Expedition.
  • In around July and August, a war between Nova Balreska and Inyola nearly broke out after an unnamed Nova Balreskan Crewman fired at the Inyolan Warlord. The Warlord came to discuss the issue of pollution from Ironclads with the Chacellor of Nova Balreska, Kagaros.
  • In Latin the word nova means new, so Nova Balreska translates to "New Balresk".
  • No Chancellor has ever served 2 consecutive terms, though some have served more than two terms as Chancellor.
  • Chancellor FlipppyyJr is the son of Chancellor Flipppyy. His father was executed following a failed coup attempt.
  • The Sword and Star is a reference to the once prominent faction "Verdantine Sovereignty".
  • Lowawesome411 and Lovecake52CX have been the only Chancellor-GSL pair to flee to Blackwind, terminating their office early.

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