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Nova Balreska are former people of Verner Expedition. After defeating Verdantine Sovereignty, which Verdantine is still mad about, the war ended and Verdantine was captured along with Perth and was given to Verner Expedition. Though Verdantine had many other islands still fortified. After the war, the people of Verner Expedition changed their name to Nova Balreska, in remembrance of their old homeland, Balresk. It also contains a tavern, the Sword and Star. The sword and star is a reference to the once prominent faction of Verdantine Sovereignty.

Due to internal conflict between the tri-alliance between Hallengard, And Whitecrest, Nova Balreska was offered by Purshovia to have a military alliance, in exchange for the oppressed purshovians in Nova Balreska to be compensated and for there to be a new purshovian Chancellor.

Diplomatic Relations

Government: Republican Dictatorship

Allies: Purshovia Federation

Military Alliance: Purshovia Federation

Enemies: Blackwind Pirates,

Neutral: Inyola, Burkeland, Kingdom of Whitecrest, Hallengard


Chancellor: david89091

Diplomats: RyanMcGarrison, SwornBlade, Kagaros, slapmeislapyou

Grand Sea Lord: XxMaroufixX

Admirals: Buildsworth, AgentI3lue, WilkosGaming, Baklava

Historical Events (Lore)

Here are certain events that have happened throughout Nova Balreska's history from Nova Balreska's point of view.

  • Nova's Beginnings as Verner Expedition
  • Nova's attack on Verdantine
  • Nova's Control (or lack thereof) on Hallengard
  • Nova and Hallengard War
  • Nova's Attack on Warlord Piao
  • Nova's Attack on Burkeland Citizens
  • Nova's agreed alliance with Purshovia
  • 2nd Nova Hallengard war
  • Flipppyy's Rebellion
  • Northern Confederation's War on Whitecrest

Former Chancellors

  • Chancellor Kagaros, Grand Sea Lord gtpower3, Augest 2016 - January 2017 (was the governer of the Verner Expedition, no elections through out his reign, longest leader in office)
  • Chancellor WilkosGaming, Grand Sea Lord aaron, time January 2017 - February 2017 (won the first Nova Balreska election, losing to david next election)
  • Chancellor David89091, Grand Sea Lord TacticalCarrot, February 2017 - March 2017 (instead of holding elections, Purshovian admiral Marochev chose his sucessor, who was wantingblob)
  • Chancellor wantingblob, Grand Sea Lord LittleH4X, March 2017 (died from flipppyy's rebellion, he was only week in office)
  • Chancellor Flipppyy, Grand Sea Lord TacticalCarrot, March 2017 - April 2017
  • Chancellor David89091, Grand Sea Lord xXMaroufiXx, April 2017 - Present

Former Wars

  • First Hallen Nova War - October 2016 (Hallengard invaded by pirates, Nova Balreska wished to re-gain control of their former vassal. Novan victory, Hallengard becoming vassalized once again)
  • Perth Rebellion - October 2016 (Group of pirates wanted to overthrow the Nova Balreskan government, with the help of Hallengard. Joint Novan-Whitecrest victory)
  • Second Hallen-Nova War - March 2017 (After Wilkos letting Hallengard have full indenpendence, Hallengard declared war, soon did Whitecrest on the side on Hallen. Purshovia intervened on the side of Nova Balreska. Peace was soon negotiated soon after)
  • Flipppyy's Coup - March 2017 (During the Second Hallen-Nova War, some of the navy overthrew the current leaders of Nova Balreska. Lead by Flipppyy, wantingblob and LittleH4X were assassinated.

Third Hallen-Nova War - Nova allied with WC to attack Halengard.


  • The Battle for Verdantine Sovereignty or commonly known as the Verner and Verdantine War, was fought through 3 main battles. Battle of Cladspam, Battle of combat logging, and Battle of Longclads.
  • The faction is about 8 months old as of March 2016.
  • Nova Balreska is currently the newest playable faction, along with Hallengard.
  • The Nova Balreskan naval flag is the former Verner expedition's flag.
  • In around July and August, a war between Nova Balreska and Inyola nearly broke out after an unnamed Balreskan Crewman fired at the Inyolan warlord who came to discuss pollution from Ironclads with the governor of Nova Balreska, Kagaros.
  • In Latin the word nova means new, so Nova Balreska means New Balreska
  • Not a single has yet to hold more than one term in office

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