Main Factions

Tradelands has three official groups that correspond to their faction. Within these factions they can choose to either join the Navy, increase their group ranking, and vote for what happens in their faction. The Official Tradeland groups are all owned by NearmissTFW.

Fan Factions - Crews, Trading Groups, Etc.

Tradlands fans can also create an official Tradelands group when you pay 100,000 in game doubloons (aka 100K dbs) to an "official" Tradelands Moderator. Some of the uses for owning an official group can be for creating trading companies, and/or crew groups for a faction. I.E. Whitecrest, Nova Balreska, Hallengard, and Blackwind.

Non Playable (Characters) Factions

There are currently Non Playable Character, aka NPC, faction groups , that are not opened to the public. They go under the name of Burkeland, Inyola, East Robloxian Trade company, Purshovia, etc.


For more information about the groups and where to join them, click the links below:

Sources: Thanks to SammySpicer for the information about creating fan made groups for Tradelands.


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OFFICIAL Tradelands Discord: Tradelands Wikia Discord

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