The Old Knife is the starter weapon given when first joining Tradelands. The weapon also has the smallest reach of all the weapons in game. Due to it small reach, most players will often create the Dagger instead when first starting.

Great meme after navy / pirate crew raids. Often when an event is dismissed, players will brawl with each other or use knives.

Glowing knives are obtainable from mystery crates.

Verdantium, Magmite and Frosteel knives do extra damage and are considered 'OP' by some players. A Verdantium knife is about 6-7 hits to kill. These knives cost 8-12k, DO NOT BUY FOR OVER 15K.


  • Considered useless by many
  • Can be stored in the pocket, making it great for quick use if you run out of stamina
  • Glowing knives loose durability when used, the 'Old Knife' does not
  • Commonly referred to as "butter knife" even though it actually is some form of combat or hunting knife


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