Type Ironclad Steamship
Role Combat
Hull Strength 17500
Max Armament 8 x Size 7 Cannon, 2 x Size 4 Cannon/Mortar (Bow), 2 x Size 1 Swivels
Max Cargo 5, x60 Cannon ball Storage
Speed Sail: 7, Engine: 4
Metal x 600 Iron
Timber x 550 Wood
Doubloons 75000, x4 Blessed Steam Engine Parts
Level 9
Roblox 10 7 2017 8 41 52 PM (2)

"A steam engine gives the phoenix an advantage over the Badger."-Shipwright Summary

The Phoenix is a level 9 ironclad steamship with decent speed and cargo, great armament, and high hull strength and upwind speed. She would serve well for any combat related purposes, pirate or trader, although she is more often used in a combat scenario.

NOTE: The picture above the statistics is a picture of the Fox steamship, which is similar to the Phoenix but with different cannon setup, more cargo and without an iron bottom hull. The picture on the bottom is a picture of the Phoenix in the shipwright. The phoenix does not have a small boat in it.


Named after a mythological Greek bird of fire. Upon nearing death, the Phoenix burns itself to death and is reborn from the ashes as a chick. Appropriate for a Combat based steamship.

Considered by many players to be an upgarade to the Badger due to it having identical ship statistics as well as having an engine on it.

The Phoenix is one of the most popular ships in all of Tradelands. Widely being used by many players, both veterans and sees extensive use in most naives.

Being considered a clad, the Phoenix will reward the "Ironclad" title.

Sometimes referred to as the "Phoe" or the "Nix"