The pickaxe is a tool which is used to gather different kinds of metals and coal from rock quarries. Players can later decide if they would like to build a different pickaxe for more durability or a better chance at rarer metals. Pickaxes only lose durability for hitting rocks, not if you just swing them. However, they'll lose durability even if you don't get a drop from that swing.
Axe Type Durability Chance of Rares
Stone Pickaxe Infinite None
Iron Pickaxe 1/6 Chance Low
Copper Pickaxe 1/5 Chance Average
Silver Pickaxe 1/4 Chance Average. High on non-spawn islands
Salt Pickaxe 1/1 Chance Average
Gold Pickaxe 1/3 Chance Average. High on non-spawn islands
Steel Pickaxe 1/9 Chance Average
Gemstone Pickaxe 1/4 Chance Average. High on non-spawn islands
Electrosteel Pickaxe 1/7 Chance Low?

While a Steel Pickaxe has roughly the same chance of rare ores as a Silver Pickaxe, a Steel Pickaxe cannot mine salt peter. This suggests its chance of rares is very slightly lower than that of a Silver Pickaxe.


  • When a new player joins the game, they are given a few default tools. One of them is the stone pickaxe.
  • A player can buy a new Stone pickaxe from the General Merchant for free.
  • The pickaxe can be used as a weapon, but deals little damage.
  • Stone pickaxes cannot mine anything other than iron, making them ideal for iron farming.
  • Ruby, Emerald, and Amethyst vary in rarity but seem to be functionally identical when turned into pickaxes. If not, the difference between them is very small.
  • Sapphire is the rarest gem and the only one which, when made into a pickaxe, can mine Electrosteel (Note, this must be made with Angelwood to do this and mined during a nighttime thunderstorm)
  • Salt pickaxes break in exactly 100 hits, making them almost useless.



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