Type Ironclad
Role Combat
Hull Strength 18,000
Max Armament 42T Long Gun x2
Max Cargo None
Speed Speed: 5, Speed with Engine: 5
Metal 1500, Advanced Engine X1
Timber 800
Doubloons 500,000
Level 10

"The Poseidon's all-iron hull makes it extremely tough. Press E to toggle steam engine on and off"-Shipwright Summary

The Poseidon is a level 10 vanity ironclad steamship with no sails, meaning it needs coal to go more than a snail's pace. It has massive health and two special 270 degree rotation gun turrets capable of holding the 42T Long Gun. The Poseidon was used in the Whitecrest and Inyola Conflict during the "Crestfallen" phase of the conflict. It is a Purshovian ship. It needs an Advanced Engine from the premium vendor to craft.

The ship can hold 50 coal just like any steamship.

Strategy and Tips

This ship should only be used to skirmish, snipe, or pursue. If you use this to tank, most likely you would be sunk due to its health being nerfed from 24,000 to 18,000. Its slow turning speed similar to the Neptune makes it susceptible to stern/bow locking, especially if one of the guns is disabled. The driver is partially protected from cannon fire.

The Poseidon's slow speed is partially made up for by its health and armor, however, it has been nerfed. Like the Neptune, the Poseidon runs solely on coal, lacking sails. If the coal runs out, the Poseidon will be left as a big brick especially if cannons are disabled. It's recommend that the Poseidon should not be used independently, having few cannons in general, risking a cannon is devastating in battle.

It should be noted that the cannons can easily be disabled, as they are rather large and easy targets for enemies. The covered cannons offer protection from enemy fire, although it can be destroyed, hit directly. The small space of the covered cannons make unsuspecting operators vulnerable to boarding attackers.

It's the second most expensive ship in the game, usually only elite players or very rich players can afford this vanity ship.


  • 300px-USS Keokuk h59546
    The Poseidon is thought to be based off of the USS Keokuk, an ironclad from the American Civil War  
  • Named after the Greek god of the seas (and appropriately earthquakes and storms).  
  • This could be a great threat to pirates if you are unprepared.  

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