Type Ironclad
Role Combat
Hull Strength 18,000
Max Armament 42T Long Gun x2
Max Cargo None
Speed Speed: 5, Speed with Engine: 5
Metal 1500, Advanced Engine X1
Timber 800
Doubloons 500,000
Level 10

"The Poseidon's all-iron hull makes it extremely tough. Press E to toggle steam engine on and off"-Shipwright Summary

The Poseidon is a level 10 vanity ironclad steamship with no sails, meaning it needs coal to go more than a snail's pace. It has massive health and two special 270 degree gun turrets capable of holding the 42T, a formerly OP gun that is still quite powerful.The Poseidon was used during the Whitecrest and Inyola Conflict during the "Crestfallen" phase of the conflict. It is a Purshovian ship. It needs an Advanced Engine from the premium vendor to craft.


  • 300px-USS Keokuk h59546
    The Poseidon is thought to be based off of the USS Keokuk, an ironclad from the American Civil War  

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